From simple packaging to certified food packaging, from self-consumption products for supermarket delicatessen, bakery, fishmonger, butcher and fruit and vegetable departments to “essentials” for everyday domestic use.

Own-Brand Products

Modern Retailers are focusing increasingly on Own-Brand/Private Label
products. With the greatest attention to detail, Euro Packaging manages the design and personalisation of Own-Brand products and positions itself as a professional and reliable single Partner, that can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding Customers.

Environmentally Sustainable Products

Euro Packaging Italia has always been sensitive to environmental issues and principles of sustainable and respectful production.

This is why we are committed to constantly improving the sustainability and environmental footprint of our packaging solutions. Our offer of FSC and PEFC certified paper bags and wrapping, containers in recycled PET or uncoated cardboard, research work on easily disposable and recyclable mono-material packaging and the production of carrier bags and tote bags using renewable and biodegradable sources are some examples of our responsible and eco-friendly approach.